It’s the feeling that has stuck every one of us. Like the millennials, we try to blend in with the circumstances and people without thinking twice and that’s when we put ourselves in an inevitable circumstance that follows this outlook.

This endless feeling of us thinking about changing personally is very prevalent but a serious thing to think about. Most of us deal with it and protect ourselves but most of us just drown and lose ourselves.

The way you feel about yourself and the way you are content with yourself is just unique. …

This is the most captivating question that I’ve come across recently. If you just look at the question, we think both are one and the same and some of us think that both are crucial. But when we look into the question deeply that we know both being right and being honest are very different aspects to look at.

What does ‘being right’ mean?

Being right is something that we are trained from the childhood. Our educational system is rooted in the construct of right and wrong. Being right is something ‘when you think you know it and experienced it…

Anagha Albur

Trouvaille thoughts

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