It’s the feeling that has stuck every one of us. Like the millennials, we try to blend in with the circumstances and people without thinking twice and that’s when we put ourselves in an inevitable circumstance that follows this outlook.

This endless feeling of us thinking about changing personally is very prevalent but a serious thing to think about. Most of us deal with it and protect ourselves but most of us just drown and lose ourselves.

The way you feel about yourself and the way you are content with yourself is just unique. Don’t let anyone question you or make you feel sinful about yourself.

That persistent feeling about how people might judge you for what you are is just endless. But with your confidence and a little support, you end up being a pleasant and incredible person.

But surely help other people who are fighting with themselves .Talk to them, spend time with them, understand their problem. It’s not easy to survive with this thinking .It creates one hell of confusion, emotional stress and makes it difficult to believe in ourselves.

Throughout this teenage and early adulthood we face many complex emotional situations. But friends, family are the constant people who will help us. Talk to them, share with them, it’s just a phase when we are stuck here .Once we surmount this insecurity, there awaits a wonderful life for us.

You are a unique, exceptional person .Protect your innocence, protect your personality. Don’t let anyone or any circumstances
make you lose yourself.

Trouvaille thoughts