Chaos in the middle of the Sea

Often, we prefer peace to the sea, the calmness there soothes us.
The silence heals us. That’s the reason everyone loves sunsets at beaches.
It’s a nostalgic experience.

But does that last forever?
Sometimes the sea to releases its anger, frustration, rage, and distress. The impact is known to all of us. We humans behave in the same way. We have the conviction that we can endure all these feelings but the more we try to control them, then we become more vulnerable. We are in this chaotic world where every day we walk with all these emotions building inside us and we can’t vent it out easily.
Today we have many advanced technologies to cure any physical disorders but what about Mental health? The workload, Peer pressure, Wrong company, betrayal, losing friendships, Academic pressure, Financial problems. We have all one or the other reasons that destroy our inner peace and we lose ourselves. We can share it with friends, family but what if they are the reasons for that? Many times, we rely on them for our problems but when they turn away with the changing world, we lose our hearts. Most of the time, in our teenage and young adult life, this is the scenario.

Many of us walk with this void every day and at the end of the day, it drains you out. The lack of tranquility gets you every time and we feel angry, enraged, frustrated. Our inner self loses its calmness and we become chaotic. The more we try to keep it together, the more we lose ourselves. We have to vent out our feelings because We love the sea only when it’s calm.
“The problem is most of us live sort of on the waves, where there’s a lot of turbulence and wildness,” says Davis, a Welsh poet. “But again, this deep, calm, awareness is actually within each person”.

Let go of the things that don’t value you. Let it be any object that reminds you of pain or any person who does not value you. You’ve done the best you can to hold on to the things that you love. Accept what it is and be silent. Silence can be the best therapy. Feel the emotions and let them out with a trusted one.
Take small baby steps each day to cure yourself. Breathe in and breathe out. It helps the nervous system, which initiates the relaxation response in our body. Visualize your happy place. Do what you love the most: watching films, dancing, listening to songs, sleep. More importantly, “TRUST THE UNIVERSE”. When I go through a problem my mother always reminds me that, “whatever happens, it happens for a good reason”. Believe it. Let’s help each other and be there for those who need us.

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